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Fieldwork From Universidade de Évora in Pilot Areas of the LIFE Montado-Adapt Project
The team from Universidade de Évora is currently making detailed studies about the Montado in the pilot areas of the project, especially regarding biodiversity, trees and soils. 

Regarding soils, the results will allow not only to identify their characteristics, but also recognize the way they influence nature and, reversibly, how the soils are affected by plants and animals, as well by weather conditions through time. 

Regarding biodiversity, several listening devices have been placed to avifauna, and all the species of plants are being listed to determine how rich and diverse these areas are. The pastures are also being analyzed to determine its floristic composition and the team is also recollecting samples to quantify its biomass. 

Concerning to trees, it will be possible, through dendrometric measurements of all trees of the chosen areas, to determine the characteristics of those trees, as well of the forest stand. Taking in consideration the results, the total value of biomass of each stand will be calculated, whether they are pure stands of cork oak, holm oak or mixed stands.
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