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The Design of the Integrated Land Use Systems in the Pilot Areas of the Project are Almost Ready!

In May 2017 the landowners started to work in the design of their Integrated Land Use Systems (ILU), with FSG, ADPM and UNEX.

With the predicted climatic scenario developed by the FCUL for each property, the landowners discussed their objectives and goals of each farm, as well, the need to adapt to the future climatic change/uncertainty.

Then, the landowners, supported by the technical coordinator (FSG) and the local specialists (UNEX and ADPM), selected among 49 "functions", those to implement in the farm. Among the functions are eco-products (sale of animals, production of honey, vegetables, etc.) and eco-services (hunting, BTT routes, Birdwatching, etc.) and also environmental and social functions.

The next phase will be to choose, from the database of 69 species, which to install in each property by each function and select also among the 51 "Adaptation Measures" (AM's) identified, the most appropriate for each crop.

The demonstrative area of the project (Herdade da Coitadinha, Portugal) will be the first to implement the ILU (in April 2018). The other 11 pilot areas will start in the fall, if the weather conditions allow it.
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