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The Implementation of the Integrated Land Use has Already Begun in the Herdade da Coitadinha

The pilot area L1 - Herdade da Coitadinha (Barrancos, Portugal) - is the first of the 12 pilot areas of the project to initiate the implementation of MIGM (Montado Integrated Management Systems). This is an important milestone, since it will be the pioneer area in the application of the methodology, so it will play a fundamental role in the replication stages of the project.

The implementation of the MIGM began with the setup of two activities in Herdade da Coitadinha, namely: the implementation of the voluntary fire surveillance system, between June 15 and September 15, a fundamental activity due to the high risk in this area and its highlighted value (Moura-Mourão-Barrancos SPA); and the implementation of an area of 0.14 ha. of aromatic plants in Organic Production Mode, with drip irrigation, which includes the following species: oregano, lovage, winter savory, pennyroyal, rosemary, sage, verbena and lemon balm. Many other actions will be implemented next fall in L1 - Herdade da Coitadinha, actions that will be highlighted in our following newsletters.
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