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LIFE Montado-Adapt Participates in the LIFE SHARA Seminar

At the invitation of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), the Mértola Heritage Defense Association (ADPM) and coordinator of the LIFE Montado-Adapt Project María Bastidas participated in the Transboundary Thematic Seminar dedicated to the theme "Adaptation to Climate Change in the Montado". The event, which was intended to "reflect on the challenges of adapting to climate change in the assembly systems, in a cross-border context", took place last April 29 in Alfragide, Amadora. The communication of the ADPM technique "Reflections on the LIFE Montado-Adapt project" was inserted in the central theme of panel III "Policies and measures to improve adaptation to climate change in agroforestry systems".

The LIFE SHARA project aims to promote the sharing of experiences and foster articulation between the Iberian countries in the context of Adaptation to Climate Change. It is a LIFE project coordinated by Fundación Biodiversidad and has as partner the Portuguese Environment Agency, as well as other Spanish entities, among them its counterpart on Climate Change, the Spanish Office of Climate Change (OECC).
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