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Open Day at Freixo do Meio Farm

On May 3, the Open Day took place at Freixo do Meio Farm, in Montemor-o.Novo. The event was marked by the inauguration and presentation to the public of this pilot area of the LIFE Montado-Adapt project.
After welcoming the participants, a brief presentation of the project was made in general terms, followed by a detailed explanation of the Integrated Land Use (ILU) for Montado developed specifically for this Farm. In this context, one of the areas of implementation of the ILU was presented: a reforestation area with several species where the keyline technique was used, which promotes the infiltration and retention of rainwater, besides reducing the runoff, and thus erosion.


Already in the field, other measures of the ILU were presented and discussed, such as the use of mixed crops (installation of different species in proximity) and the use of pruning chips and / or cut down trees as a cover for new plants (mulch), thus highlighting the innovative way of montado management, being applied at Freixo do Meio farm.
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