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Open Day at Mata Nacional de Valverde

On May 17, there was another environmental education action, this time addressed to 1st cycle students of Alcácer-do-Sal’s school group, integrated in the Open Day at the Valverde National Forest, in that county. This was divided in four activities: “valuing the montado” (Panel Game); “sowing to refforest” (identification game of seeds in a box "mystery" and seeding in the nursery); “integrating biodiversity” (shelters for insects, birds, reptiles and amphibians) and “learn for conservation” (identification of organisms present in ponds, bird capture and ringing .


The afternoon program took place at the Alcácer-do-Sal Municipal Auditorium and involved the presentation of the LIFE Montado-Adapt project to the local community, as well as the implementation of the ILU specifically designed for the Valverde National Forest (MNV). Next, it was discussed the importance of Valverde’s nurseries to produce autochthonous species of high genetic quality, adapted to  different reforestation and habitat rehabilitation projects in Portugal, with special emphasis on the Montado. Integrated in the economic diversification of the montado, it is also worth mentioning the intervention made by the architect Nuno Lecoq regarding the high potential of wild species for dry flowers arrangements, given the reduced need of water and the high commercial value.


The Open Day finished with a field visit to MN Valverde, thus consolidating the information presented in the presentations, and allowing to address other issues that arose during the tour, such as marking, maintenance and promotion of natural regeneration.
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