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Open Day at Mata Nacional do Cabeção

On November 7th, the Mata Nacional do Cabeção (MN Cabeção) Open Day was held, with the theme “Pests, diseases and pruning in Montado/Dehesa in a context of climate change”. In the morning, the session took place in the Fluviário de Mora auditorium, and began with a presentation of the Mata Nacional do Cabeção – pilot area of ​​the LIFE Montado-Adapt project, by ICNF. With MN Cabeção inserted in the Ribeira de Têra Forest Intervention Zone (ZIF), Forestagri (ZIF's managing entity) made a brief introduction and description of the ZIF, explaining its objectives, how it was formed and its activities and membership advantages. The morning ended with two presentations by INIAV, IP on Montado's main diseases and pests. The event was attended by Engineer Olga Martins, ICNF Regional Director for Alentejo and was held in partnership with Forestagri.


In the afternoon, there was a visit to MN Cabeção to learn in situ about pest control actions and increased disease resilience implemented under the LIFE Montado-Adapt project, with the verification of Platypus traps (Platypus cylindrus), as well as pruning done in the previous season. The day ended with a practical pruning and pest and disease identification session.
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