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LIFE Montado-Adapt Highlited in the Spanish Press


Our project has been the subject of a report in the Diario Hoy (Extremadura, Spain) which can be read here. In the context of LIFE Montado-Adapt, the partners Grupo Casablanca and Dehesa El Guijo, together with nursery La Dehesa, have developed a model of floating islands made of cork, of a modular nature, to be installed in ponds, in order to create a support for purification plants, thus improving water quality. At the same time, they promote and protect the presence of fauna (cormorants, ducks, crayfish, turtles, fish, etc.), in addition to increasing the diversity of the aquatic flora with 12 species.

This product is patented and a company has been created for its production and marketing, being an important product for the project.  This example of circular economy has also been highlighted in EIP-AGRI: a European partnership for agricultural innovation under the auspices of the European Commission which promotes examples of good practice.
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