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Monitoring Work of the SIGMs Implemented by LIFE Montado-Adapt

The LIFE Montado-Adapt project aims to support owners and managers of Montado areas in Portugal and Spain in the implementation of Integrated Montado Management Systems (SIGM). In order to develop and implement these SIGMs, the project planned a process divided into different stages. In an initial phase, after the definition of a set of sustainability indicators for Montado ecosystems, a set of assessments were carried out to survey the baseline situation of the 12 pilot areas.

Currently, following the stages of training pilot areas’ owners and implementation of the SIGMs, work is underway to monitor the state and evolution of the cork oak forests in relation to the different sustainability indicators defined in the first stages. Monitoring work requires field visits to the properties of the different pilot areas where different aspects are assessed, such as soil quality or the improvement of biodiversity functions in Montado. This work will be essential to ascertain the benefits resulting from the implementation of the SIGMs and from the adaptation technologies and interventions they prescribe.
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