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LIFE Montado-Adapt Highlighted by the LIFE Programme

Regarding the UN Climate Change Conference COP 25 held in Madrid from 2 to 13 December 2019, the

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Herdade do Azinhal Inauguration

      The inauguration of Herdade do Azinhal took place on November 21st. The sess

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Open Day at Herdade da Ribeira Abaixo

      On November 19th, the LIFE Montado-Adapt project visited the EB 2/3 D. Jorge

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Open Day at Dehesa del Guijo

      The Open Day at Dehesa del Guijo in Malpartida de Plasencia took place on No

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Open Day at Dehesa Boyal de La Piedra

      In Villasbuenas de Gata, Cáceres, the Dehesa Boyal de la Piedra Open

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Open Day at Finca Casablanca

      On November 13th, the Finca Casablanca Open Day program began with a visit f

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Receives the Visit of NEEMO

      On November 11th – 12th, the LIFE Montado-Adapt project received the v

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      November 8th was marked by the Herdade do Freixo do Meio Open Day, that bega

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Open Day at Mata Nacional do Cabeção

      On November 7th, the Mata Nacional do Cabeção (MN Cabeç

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Environmental Awareness Actions for Schools

During the spring of 2019, over 215 children from schools near the pilot areas participated in

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Pilot Areas Inaugurations

The project's pilot areas were inaugurated in spring 2019, with events that brought togeth

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New Technologies for Sustainable Cork Harvesting

Get to know new technologies for sustainable cork harvesting, through a demonstration by the C

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Interview with Marco Bijl - FSG

Interview with Marco Bijl from FSG - Forestry Service Group (Netherlands), entity responsible

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6th Coordination Meeting

      On September 23rd - 24th, the 6th Coordination Meeting of the LIFE Montado-A

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The Heat and Regulated Deficit Irrigation

      One of the best practices promoted in the Project is the Regulated Deficit I

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Interview with André Vizinho - FCUL

Today we share the interview of André Vizinho of the Faculdade de Ciências da Uni

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Open Day at Sines Forest Area

      The inauguration of the Sines pilot area took place on July 9, and was marke

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Was in the News

      LIFE Montado-Adapt project was reported in two Portuguese media in June: on

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Receives the Visit of the Executive Agency for Small and Medium Enterprises

      On May 22, the LIFE Montado-Adapt project was visited by the EASME (Execut

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Environmental Education Action at Sines Forest Area

      On May 29, the LIFE Montado-Adapt team was at the EB1 School in Santa Cruz,

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Open Day at Mata Nacional de Valverde

      On May 17, there was another environmental education action, this time addre

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Open Day at Ribeira Abaixo Farm

      On the morning of May 8, at the Ribeira Abaixo Farm (RAF), Grândola,

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Open Day at Freixo do Meio Farm

      On May 3, the Open Day took place at Freixo do Meio Farm, in Montemor-o.No

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Participates in the LIFE SHARA Seminar

      At the invitation of the Portuguese Environment Agency (APA), the Mér

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Presented in the ACOS+ Stand

      Once again LIFE Montado-Adapted Project is an important subject for another

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Open Day at La Rinconada Farm

      The Open Day at Finca La Rinconada (Calamonte, Badajoz), on April 11, began

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Regional Open Day

      The Regional Open Day organized by EDIA, took place on April 5. The event, w

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Open Day at the Dehesa Boyal de la Piedra

      In Villasbuenas de Gata, Caceres, the Open Day of the Dehesa Boyal de la P

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Open Day at the Dehesa Del Guijo

      The inauguration of the Dehesa el Guijo took place on April 3. The program b

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Open Day at Farm Casablanca

      Marked by the inauguration of its pilot area, the Open Day at Farm Casablanc

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Environmental Awareness Session at Coitadinha Farm

            March 28 was noticeable by the Open Day at Coitadi

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Open Day in Cabeção National Forest

          On March 19th, the Open Day took place in the Cabeç

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Video: Training of Farmers and Stakeholders

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Implementation of ILU Models in the Pilot Areas

            In the first two months of 2019 there was intense wo

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Openings of Pilot-areas and Environmental Awareness Sessions

      On March 19th, the inauguration cycle of LIFE Montado-Adapt pilot areas bega

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Participatory Workshop in Évora

      A participatory workshop, organized by ADPM and held by professor Lia Vascon

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Interview with Sílvia Carvalho - FCUL

The Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon is responsible for the development of clim

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Training Courses About Prunning Carry On

      Through 3 empowered training actions in the regions of the LIFE Montado-Adap

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Last Training Cycle

      The last cycle of training of the project took place on December 4th and 5th

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3rd Meeting of the Project in Villasbuenas de Gata

      The Town Council of Villasbuenas de Gata, partner of LIFE Montado-Adapt, h

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LIFE Motado-Adapt Presented at Ibagreco

      The LIFE Montado-Adapt project was presented at the 1st Iberian Meeting of

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Holm Oak & Cork Oak: Demonstrate, Make Aware and Educate

      A demonstration, awareness and training session dedicated to the techniques

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Project Presented at the III Iberian Congress of Dehesa and Montado

      The third edition of the Iberian Congress of Dehesa and Montado, which i

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Regional Open Day at the Estate of Coitadinha

      An event called "Regional Open Day", under the project LIFE Mont

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Project LIFE Montado-Adapt Featured in the TV Show

      On November 10, the project LIFE Montado-Adapt was the subject of the TV p

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Training Courses at the Estate of Freixo do Meio

      The training sessions of the project LIFE Montado-Adapt are still ongoing.

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Andalusian Government Allocates 30.5 Million Euros to Regenerate and Renovate trees in Montado/Dehesa

On the occasion of the final day of Life bioDehesa project, held in Seville, Rodrigo Sánc

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The Implementation of the Integrated Land Use has Already Begun in the Herdade da Coitadinha

      The pilot area L1 - Herdade da Coitadinha (Barrancos, Portugal) - is the fir

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Training Actions in Plasencia Under the Life Montado-Adapt Project

      It was on the 11th and 12th of June that a further set of training

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Final Seminar of LIFE bioDehesa Project in Seville

       Realizou-se, nos dias 28 e 29 de maio, em Sevilha, o Seminár

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Grândola Hosted Formative Sessions of the Project

     On May 24th and 25th, the Theater of Grândola hosted a set of trainin

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Project Presented in Slovenia

     On May 9, the LIFE Montado-Adapt project was presented at the LIFE farmin

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LIFE Montado-Adapt was Presented at the OVIBEJA 2018 Fair

     The 35th edition of Ovibeja, an agricultural fair held between April 27 and

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The Second Meeting of the Technical Committee of the Project Was Held in Mértola

     The representatives of the 17 partner entities of the project met on April 16

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European Court of Auditors Visits Project LIFE Montado-Adapt

On February 28, the European Court of Auditors (ECA) visited the LIFE Montado-Adapt project. The v

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Evaluation of Rhizobial Natural Population

     The team of the National Institute of Agrarian and Veterinary Research (INIAV

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The Design of the Integrated Land Use Systems in the Pilot Areas of the Project are Almost Ready!

In May 2017 the landowners started to work in the design of their Integrated Land Use System

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L1 - Herdade da Coitadinha in 3D

Here is small video in 3D for those who want to know better the 200 hectares of the Demonstrative Ar

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Fieldwork From Universidade de Évora in Pilot Areas of the LIFE Montado-Adapt Project

The team from Universidade de Évora is currently making detailed studies about the Montado

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Visit of the Project Team to Southern France

It was in the south of France, more specifically in Prades-Le-Lez (Montpellier) that the team

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Visit of the Project Team to Catalonia

On December 29th the project team started a route through Catalonia to learn about&n

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Get to Know Better the LIFE Montado-Adapt Project Through the Presentation Video

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Placing Traps to Evaluate the Presence of Arthropods in the Pilot Areas

A set of traps have been placed in the pilot areas of the project, in order to evaluat

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The First Integrated Land Use (ILU) is Completed

The Integrated Land Use (ILU) was completed in the demonstrative area of the project, L1 Herd

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LIFE Montado-Adapt Project Was Presented in the International Cattle Fair of Zafra

The International Cattle Fair of Zafra (Badajoz, Spain) took place between 28 of September and 4 o

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LIFE Montado Adapt Teaser Video Now Available

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ADPM Kicked Off the Project LIFE Montado-Adapt with International Partners Meeting

Develop Montado and Dehesa in an innovative and sustainable way – this is the great purpos

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